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Our layout is primarily ground level with over of 2,000 metres of 7¼” and 5″ track. Features on this circuit are our steel “Missingweld Bridge”, two timber bridges and three tunnels.

Two of the tunnels allow for a spiral at the “Summit” end of the track. An unloader and steaming bays are located near the canteen end of the track and near the roundhouse is another unloader, turntable and more storage roads.

Colour light signals, both automatic and manual and interlocked points assist in the safe operation of our railway. Our site has undergone many improvements over the years and is still evolving thanks to the continuing efforts of a small army of volunteers. We also take pride in our gardens and landscaping which contribute much to the enjoyment of our private railway.

Located inside the ground level track is about 180 metres of 5″, 3½” and 2½” gauge elevated track serviced by Koala Junction Station. A feature here is the ability to leave the elevated service area and cross over to the ground level track, a benefit taken up by some of the 5″ gauge locos.

A new feature is a garden gauge track (Gauge 1). It is in the form of a “dog bone” with a loop and steaming bays at the Koala Junction Station end and another loop at the northern end.  The “out and back” section of the track runs along the side of the steel truss bridge that carries our multi-gauge elevated track and will soon have a truss bridge of its own built to the correct scale. There is fifty-five metres of Gauge 1 track with the balloon loops at a two metre radius.