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What is Model Engineering

Because of the wide range of activities covered by Model Engineering, no single definition can cover them all. Essentially it is the construction of scale models such as locomotives, traction engines, stationary engines and tooling in home workshops. Most of the construction is in metal; consequently metal-working machinery such as a lathe is required. Locomotives can be powered by steam (most in Australia using coal), petrol or battery, and are usually able to carry people on miniature railway track.

The Queensland Society of Model and Experimental Engineers Inc. (QSMEE) is a Society of members who have a common interest in Model Engineering.

On the first Sunday of the month is our “Members Day” where members play trains or fix things – as the need be. The day kicks off at 0930 with an informal gathering where the committee can keep members abreast of events.

The second Sunday of the month is our formal running day when invited public come along and enjoy their train rides and our facilities.

Wednesdays are generally our work days. Members will attend to building and maintaining our track and facilities.

Although the track is not open to the general public, individuals, organised community, charitable, and other groups are welcome to attend by invitation only – see the “Visit Us” page. A quarterly newsletter, The Oilcan, provides information on Society activities to members. PDF copies can be downloaded from the newsletter page of this website.

The Society welcomes prospective new members who are either existing model engineers or have a strong interest and wish to take up the hobby.

The Society is affiliated with the Australian Association of Live Steamers (AALS). The AALS represents the hobby at government level and establishes standards of construction, especially technical safety standards. Every year the AALS holds a national convention hosted by one of its affiliated societies. The 63rd Annual AALS Convention was hosted by the QSMEE during the 2019 Easter long weekend.